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About Ah-Hyun

Born November 1996

In my current, ongoing series, The Phallic Zoo utilizes the basic geometric shapes such as circles and rectangles that I would merge together to form the appearance of a male’s peen. Continuing the geometric usage, I would then add in various features that would shape into a variety of animals such as rabbits and monkeys. As a cartoon illustrator, my art focuses on more simplistic but childish humor by creating a twist in certain everyday words and using immature and slightly inappropriate jokes. Influenced by artists such as Heikala and Kaia Tseng (better known as Kaiami), whose works involve simple and rounded characters that are colored using soothing color palettes to tell peaceful narratives that mixes fantasy and everyday life, I set about creating characters, whom are mainly depicted as female protagonists, drawn in a simplistic line and flat color style, posing with exaggerated movements using their small bodies and long, jointless limbs that flow like cooked noodles. These noodle-y limbs curve around to further exaggerate their actions and the emotions that they express as these characters will customarily have simplified, text emoji-like expressions on their circular faces. Pertaining to this, rather using scenic backgrounds, they are placed in a flat, colored(usually singular colors) background instead to give more focus on the character rather than having to tell a story or narrative.

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